Anna Mitchell Hall

Author, Consultant, Pastor, Coach


What is it like to live out of a tiny cargo van while traveling across the USA? Wonderful, challenging, delightful, annoying, messy, breathtaking, and so much more.

#VanChurch is the true story of one couple's adventures camping across the country in a tiny van. In this wry, thoughtful travel memoir, Anna and Jim Hall chronicle the adventures and challenges of living for weeks and months out of a 40 square foot van. Facing down middle age and needing a new challenge, the couple finds delight, challenge, disorientation, and transformation along the way. With equal helpings of humor and reflections, the authors vividly portray the practicalities of #vanlife along with the spiritual lessons found on the journey. In locations from their native Georgia to the back roads of Iowa, to the mountain West, and back again, the Halls experience the struggles, the silliness, and the sublime of the great American road trip. The nomad life isn't as picturesque as portrayed on social media, yet in even the most gritty of road moments, there are gifts to be found.

#VanChurch is a spiritually rich and highly personal tribute to the gifts of travel - a love letter to getting outside one's comfort zone, and ultimately, to finding home wherever you are.


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